Stretch marks/ Scars

Stretch marks result from excessive stretching of the skin which causes damage to the network of collagen and elastin fibres. They appear mainly around the abdomen, chest, legs and arms. Stretch marks are linear, covered with delicate atrophic scars (thin) epidermis. Multiple factors may cause the stretch marks. These are: hormonal, a significant increase in body weight in a short time, pregnancy, genetic factors and the functioning of connective tissue disorder.

Stretch marks/ Scars


As a scar is a natural result of a wound healing, during which the damaged skin tissue is replaced with a new randomly distributed collagen fibres.

The treatments available can only improve the appearance of existing stretch marks or scars but unfortunately cannot remove them completely. These include: Skin peels, Micro-needling, microdermabrasion and Radio Frequency.For the optimum results we highly recomend DermaQuest  Collagen Activating Complex which maintains and reconstructs collagen and elastin by reorganizing and stimulating dermal layer components.

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